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exhaust / Jetting

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Just wondering what everyones ideas are on the best pipe, snorkel, and jet looking at more proformance and not sure of the best way to go with it I am still running all stock. Thanks for your info
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HMF pipe, triangle atv snorkel, with either a dynocrap (dynojet) jetting kit or find out from someone on here what Honda OEM mainjet they use for that setup which i believe is a 138-142. GL!
With mud bugs on your foreman i would buy the carb kit first. I got 26'' mud bugs and bought a dyno jet kit also the power was a big differance and helps keep the wheels going in the thick mud. I made my own snorkle i found out how to make it on here. And a have a stock pipe but i have a snorkle 4' with a 90 on 1 side and a 45 on the other. The only thing that did stop me before was water going up the pipe it deep mud or the river.
get a hmf exhaust and every1 is saying get a triangle snorkel all it is is 2" pvc pipe u can pick up at home depot so dont spend hundred plus on a triangle snorkel go get u some pvc pipe and do it ur self for about $30 lol and on ur bike if u get the hmf it should come with a main jet(size 135) put that in and mess with the air/fuel mixter screw and it will run awesome i bought a dynojet kit and i put it on and i dont like it compared to the 135 that came with the exhaust so i jus took it off so dont worry about buying the dyno jet kit ,good luck
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