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exhaust is running extremely too hot

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i have blown 3 HMF pipes already 06 foreman 500 ES 4x4 800 miles on it so its almost brand new. does anyone have a clue about whats wrong?? i got a dynojet.
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the pipe before it gets to the canister turns blue and purple then it blows two holes in the canister
There was someone else a while ago having this exact same problem. what size main jet are you running?

Edit: I just noticed it was you having this problem before.
My Brother just recently had this problem with his 450. He blew a good size hole in the side. We don't know what caused it but he sent it back to HMF and for $45 they fixed it and sent it back.
have ur figured out ur prob yet. cuz not many ppl have had problems with a hmf pipe im heard of.
i think if you run too lean for too long it causes extreme heat
i'm sure you've tried it but do some testing with new plugs to see if your actually running lean. sucks your having that much trouble.
well every time it blows its within 30 minutes. they are trying to figure it out at the honda dealer i took it up there for them to work on it cause i couldnt figure it out
did the honda dealer sell you the pipe?
no i got it off
running hot with a stock pipe and jets?
Do yall have pics of yall Dynojet??Whers the Fuel Mixture screw located??Pics please
i don't have any pics but it is on the bottom of the carb. it is round with a flat side. you can see it without taking the carb apart. you'll need a special tool to adjust it or a pair of needle nose pliers to half-ass it.
my honda dealer dont even know what the **** is wrong with my four wheeler
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