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Exhaust choices

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I've been looking at the FMF and HMF pipes and was wondering if anyone could inform me of their personal experiences as far as performance and sound goes. I am somewhat conscience of noise levels as I don't want my neighbors to start shooting at me . I also ride in and around National Parks and Forests so I don't want to be too loud in those areas either. Not to mention I would like to still use it for hunting. At the same time I want to make a decision that will hopefully enhance the bikes performance. Thanks-
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well in that case i would stick with the fmf powerline exhaust.It's way quiter than the hmf and it uses no packing.Not to mention it's all stainless steel so it's quite durable.
It is slightly louder than stock,not much volume wise but more of a deeper exhaust tone.It's not obnoxious or annoying in anyway.
The other option is a supertrapp IDS2 or IDSX....i think it's the ids2 they make for the rinny.You can tune that muffler to either louder or quiter with the number of discs installed under the enclosed end cap.I have heard some ups and downs of this muffler but from personal experiences from friends they have had very good results and experiences from the supertrapp mufflers.
yah my buddy has an FMF on his rincon, it sounds awesome. not loud at all. The HMF pipes are the loudest on the Rincon. The FMF also looks pretty good too, its a shame that its hiden behind that rear peice of plastic.
Thanks that help a lot!
Chris why do ya always say your buddy? lol Just say me!

Yeah I have a FMF on my Rinny.
mac102004, do you have the 'powerline'?
Yes I do
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