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exhaust brand? model? whats best?

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i am going to get a pipe for my bike. and i have done a bit of looking into different brands but i was wondering from peoples personal experiance what is a good pipe for power increase and also quiet so i can still hunt?

i have a 2001 honda rubicon it is getting jets at the same time as the pipe (along with a highlifter clutch kit and a [email protected] filter already on it.)

also what type of jets work best?
there will be a lot of altitude difference (about 2000ft differance)

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That is what I have is an HMF I love mine. My husband has one too on his Rancher.
Basically every jet kit out there is a DynoJet, for the Foreman/Rubicon. A 2000ft alt. difference should not require rejetting. Once you get her dialed in with the HMF you should be set.
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