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Exhaust and Bumper

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im looking for an exhaust for my 07. a cheap one. i'd like to spend around $200 at the max. anyone have any idea on what i should get? a slip on will do just fine. also, are there any that i could install without having to rejet?

what kind of rear bumpers do yall have? how much and where did you get it from?
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like everyone else on here is gonna tell you...go with HMF ( ...they will run you a little more than you're looking to spend ($220-$250)...not much more far as re-jetting, i didnt have to re-jet mine, but i did anyway becaue i put a snorkel and K&N along with the exhaust
ok, should i get the one that says "500 rubicon (01-07)" for $250? i dont see one for the foreman 07
can any one help me out im looking for pipe i have filter and jet kit but looking for a cheap pipe help plez 05 foreman es 500
you WILL need to rejet. if you run a stock jet it will be too lean, i'll burn out your motor.
yes you definetly need to rejet with a pipe, might aswell spend the money and buy the jet kit and k&n air filter, it will really increase the bikes power.
thanksi have my jet kit on order im looking for a cheap pipe
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thanksi have my jet kit on order im looking for a cheap pipe
they say there is a tractor pipe that fits good on a foreman and its cheap. i love my hmf though.
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