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I would like to see what everybody thinks about them. MY main concern is how well do they bite and are they very rough. I am considering on getting some for just trail riding or some gators. I hear alot of good things about the gators. What do yall think.
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27" Bi/Tri Claws. Ride well on trails, wear well and are awesome in mud.
I have a set of 26's on my 05 foreman 2x4, so far ive been nothing but impressed with them. like one of the guys i rode with weekend said "they turned my 2 wheeler into a 4 wheeler." I know thats not true but i do feel that they really helped out. i cant compare other tires because ive never had any thing but stock tires. i really like they "bite" they take and are good about cleaning out the tread.
are they smooth or can you feel each lug on hard ground
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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