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Anyone know anything about the kenda executioner tire thinking about trying a set? just looking for more info
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I can't find them any where. Went by High Lifter last week and they said they are out and that it will be a while before they could get any more. I would to try them they have got to be smoother and not quit as aggresive as the outlaws that i am running now. If any knows where to get them please let me know.

why are you trying to get away from laws? lots of people tell me to get them but i here too many bad things like they will snap axles just wandering?
My friend has laws on his 450 and so far all he has broken is a drive shaft. He wants to get rid of them because "they beat you to death and are heavy, dragin the motor down".

they do beat u to death on hard ground and bumps! i just had my motor bored out and i can turn the **** out of them now!
I have a set, sorry cant tell you much about them yet only got 10 miles or so on them but what ive seen so far for the kinda riding I do they are gonna be great. also I ve never had any thing but stock tires so I have nothing to compare them with. I have a set of 26 and have no problems turing them over. Will post more later after I give them a real test in a few weeks.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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