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Executioner update

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I got to put a few miles on the Foreman with the new Executioners over the weekend.I am really impressed.I put 26x10-12's on front and rear.For some reason it steers much easier.The ride is good but shakes alot at speeds below 10 mph.The top speed slowed down some,only 50 mph now.The traction is amazing! I went through most holes in 2WD! Even in reverse the tires bite like crazy.They were 35 lbs. each,that's on ITP steel wheels.The Foreman has no problem turning them.They look perfect for the bike,Honda should put 26" tires on the Foreman as stock.Looks much better.I'll get some pics on this weekend.
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i would realy like to see those tires im thinking of getting some please post with some pics
I'll try to get pictures tonight.
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