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Executioner Tires

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Hey everyone i have a quick question about the Kenda Executioner tires, will they take horsepower from my Honda 350 rancher? If so how much and will it be noticeable?
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what size...and why this tire....imo there are alot better tires out there for all purposes

to each his own I guess
I'm thinkin about getting 25 8-12's for the front and 25 10-12's for the back. and because a buddie of mine has executioners on his foreman and says they are really good, so i figured i would give'em a try.
executioners are good tires,do well in the mud,but dig a lot,you wouldnt lose to much power with 25's. if it were me id go with 26's
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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