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QUOTE ("Mudslinger70":7h3w0dau)
If you are running 25" Bear Claws, what do yours actually measure?

I took some very accurate measurements tonight and they are smaller than I thought.

1) The tires are cold.
2) They were at 3psi all around, and I aired them up to 5psi all around.
3) Measurement was taken on a level concrete slab.
4) I made sure the center cleat was at the very top of the tire.
5) I used a torpedo level and tape measure for the measurement.

I was surprised at the numbers and want to know if anyone else with 25" Bear Claws measure small.


Fronts @ 5psi = 23 3/4"
Rears @ 5psi = 24 1/8"

My stock 24" Rancher tires are larger at 3 psi.

The Bear Claws are a nice tire, but I'm a bit disappointed with the size. I would have ordered 26" or 27" if I knew this ahead of time.
sorry to hear that. i ordered a set of mudlites about a year or so ago. i had them on my bike for 2 weeks before i got my bi/tri's. the mudlites were about 1 1/2 short with 5# of air. i'll never buy a set of tires from itp again after having those.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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