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ever happen to you

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has anyone ever had the lug bolts on the rear axle break off....all 4 of them.....i was on a ride today and went to go through a mud hole and snap....all 4 of my lug bolts sheered off on the rear left about to lose the faith in Honda....i've already broke 2 final output shafts and now bike isn't even a year old yet....
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They had to be torqued on too tight. No way is about 14HP going to shear 4 bolts off. I would think it was some type of thermal expansion break.
here are some pics i took of my situation
side view
from the looks of your wheels it looks like your lugs were loose and wallowed out the bolt holes, but I think you would have felt that long before it broke your bolts. very strange situation.
looks like the lugs were loose to me too
Well.. If one comes off, you keep riding... I have no clue what the he!! to do or what to think when something like that happens.. Speachless ..Hmmm
Dang, id put that in the "once in a blue moon" section! Iv never seen nor heard of that happening on one of these. What do you mean by your final output shaft? U joint?
I'd say the lugs were definitely loose.looks like the ends of the studs are rusty,like they've been broken for some time.
What do you mean by your final output shaft? U joint?
the shaft that goes from the transmission to the rear diff....thats what honda told me it was....i just call it a drive shaft......

yeah the rust got there really quick cause the day it happened it was all fresh metal.....only thing i can think is they didn't tighten them up good enough when they put the wheels back on the last time they changed the drive shaft....they were the last ones to mess with all that.....but like yall say, the lug holes are all bored out by the bolts
The studs may have just broke and the mud got on them which causes rapid corrosion of raw metal. He said it happened right as he went in a mud hole. I would say, judging from the rim galling, that your lug nuts were loose to start with which would put alot of angular pressure on the studs whereas on tight wouldn't. Other cause could have been overtightening. Either way that sucks. A guy I rode with before Christmas had problems with his lugnuts coming off. But he was complaining about the dealer not doing it right, come to find out, he bought the Rubicon, and put the wheels on himself, operator error. But I would say the studs didn't "just break" something else must have happened from either not tight enough or too tight, because I zip mine on with an 1/2" impact every time I ride and clean my Foreman up. I do use antiseize everytime too though.
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Was it the day after the shop had it .. or was it 2 weeks. If it was a day or two, and you didn't ride it yet.. I would be openin up a can of whoop a$$ on the mechanic.. and the shop would be paying for thoes repairs...
well i hadn't ridden it for a long period of time since i had it back from the shop, maybe around the neighborhood and yard but i'm taking it up there tomorrow and if need be...yes the can will open up....but our shop is really good here and i think they will take care of it for me....i'm just wondering what else is going to go wrong with the drivetrain region of this bike.
Hey...The ankle bone is connected to the shin bone buddy... What ever was attached should be gone over with a fine tooth comb.. God luck adn keep us posted on the progress..
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