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Hey guys, I have a 2006 Rubicon and while riding it started feeling really sluggish in drive low like I was losing power but when I put it in reverse it turned the tires like normal. It felt like it wasn’t going into first. Then about 10 minutes later it started acting like it had a rev limiter in reverse and that’s when I noticed the ESP/D1/D2 flashing five times. Any ideas what my problem might be? Thanks

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See what code it is throwing:

Hondamatic Transmission Code Retrieval
Put the gear shift lever in neutral (be sure the neutral indicator comes on) and the ignition switch OFF (vehicle at a stop).
2. While pushing the UP and DOWN shift switches (ESP) simultaneously, turn the ignition key to the on position.
3. Release the UP and DOWN switches immediately, then at the same time push both the UP and DOWN shift switches again and hold form more than 2 seconds.
4. The problem code is displayed by a certain number of blinks “ - - “ on the gear indicator, which indicates the problem code by the number of blinks. If “N” (neutral) stays ON on the position indicator, the retrieval process was not correctly performed. Repeat the procedures from step one at this time.)
5. When the problem code(s) displays, release the shift switches.
You should see “ - - “ for approximately 3 seconds then off, then the “ - - “ should flash, once for code one, twice for code two and so on. The engine control module (ECM) can store two different codes. If your ECM has stored two different codes, the first code displayed is the most recent and the second code is the earlier code. Write them down.
To Erase the Problem Codes
1. Push and hold the UP and DOWN shift switches simultaneously for 3 seconds of more while the problem code is being displayed (i.e., “ - - “ blinking on the gear position indictor).
2. When the erasure is completed, the blinking pattern changes to the erasure confirmation blink.
3. Turn the ignition off

Honda Foreman Rubicon Fault Codes
Code 1 - Ignition Pulse Generator system
Code 2 - Speed Sensor System
Code 3 - Gear Position Switch System
Code 4 - Throttle Sensor System
Code 5 - Angle Sensor System (Motor lock i.e., angle sensor, wiring, ECM, control
motor, motor transmission section, transmission unit)
Code 6 - Angle Sensor System (swash plate angle, sensor / wiring)
Code 7 - ESP shift switch system
Code 9 - ECM voltage converter circuit
Code 10 - ECM fail-safe relay circuit
Code 11 - ECM motor drive circuit
Code 12 - ECM CPU

Initial Setting Procedure
• After replacement of any of the following parts, perform the initial setting procedure below.
  • ECM
  • Throttle sensor*
  • Angle sensor
*Also, perform the initial setting procedure if the throttle cable is disconnected (i.e., car-buretor removal/installation, cable replacement etc.).
• The gear position blinks in Indicator Mode 2 when the initial setting was not made properly. Repeat the procedure from step 2.
1. Start the engine and let it idle about one minute with the sub-transmission in neutral. Stop the engine.
2. Make sure the gearshift lever is in the neutral position (be sure the neutral indicator comes on) and turn the ignition switch off.
3. Turn the ignition switch ON while pushing the UP and DOWN shift switches (ESP shift switches) simultaneously.
4. Release both the UP and DOWN shift switches immediately, then push and release the shift switches in the order of UP, DOWN, and UP. Do not hold the switches in).
5. A constant “ - - “ indication stays ON on the gear selector indicator. (If the gear position indicator shows a continuous “N”, repeat the procedure from step 2.)
6. Move the throttle lever to the fully closed position, then to the fully open position, and then move it to the fully closed position again immediately (within 10 seconds) after “ - - “ comes ON on the gear position indicator.
7. Check the control motor operation sound (the control motor should function at this time to adjust the angle sensor).
8. When the initial setting procedure is complete, the indication on the gear selector indicator changes from the continuous lighting of “ - - “ to the continuous lighting of “N”.

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I had the same issue last winter. after 2 angle sensors I tore into the shift motor to find that the magnets had broken loose and shorted every thing out. New motor and another angle sensor and everything was working.
Good luck
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Like others have said, check/clean all the connections for the angle sensor, speed sensor, EMC, and shifting motor also check your oil level. Clear the codes, reinitialize and run the machine until the symptoms appear, then retrieve the codes. There are methods to troubleshoot each sensor, but I found it easier (time=money) to replace the sensor that was associated with the code. If you end up replacing sensors do your self a favor and buy OEM. My 2001 Rubicon was doing the same thing and I replaced the angle sensor and speed sensor, it's running like new again.

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I checked the angle sensor and shift motor connectors and both were very clean. Gonna check the ECM connectors today after work. Thanks for all the information guys.
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