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ESP, D1, D2 Error?

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My brother-in-law just recently purchased an 05 Rubicon and we took it out for its second voyage yesterday. Throughout the trip it would occasionally flash ESP, D1,D2 and then wouldn't shift up or down into gear...almost as if it had a rev limiter. Once you shut the ignition off and turned it back on again it would fix the problem but only momentarily. Any ideas? Thanks!
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Sounds like it is going into "fail safe" are any connections dirty inside or have you tryed to reinitalize the atv?
Thats the dreaded 'angle sensor'. Good luck getting it fixed
yea count the blinks, theres alot of things it could be. i am in the process of figuring out whats wrong with mine. the way it looks now i think im going to be on my third tranny

I had my 05 Rubicon in three times this summer since I bought it in July. Two angle sensors, and a speed sensor. I blame the first two on the mechanic at dealer where I bought it. I searched high and low on this topic. Near as I can tell either the quality control on these sensors wasn't up to par, or the mechanics at most dealerships wern't given proper instruction on the care required when handling these parts. I have put 300Km on since my last trip to the dealership fingers crossed so far so good.

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Keep takin it back while it's still on warranty. My dealer told me that honda should cover it if it goes again as it is recognized as "an ongoing problem"
The error is flashing 5 times. Thanks Honda Mechanic.
I guess he needs to take it in to the that sucks!

I came accross this problem on another site and this guy being cheap like most of us decided to take the "sealed" unit apart. it was full of water. He cleaned it out and re-sealed it and was good to go .
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