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Es troubles

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Well on my 02 foreman the electric shift is acting up.While riding whatever gear iam in on the screen the gear number will start flashing.When this happens it wont shift up or down I have to shut it off then it shifts.Any ideas on what the problem could be?Is there a kit to make it a footshift?
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This happened once to me 2 years ago on my 02 450ES.I had left the machine running for about 2 hours so I could use the lghts because I had put a moose down right before dark.I chalked it up to just getting a regulater or something too warm as it was fine after shutting it off for a second and restarting it and hasent done it since....Somebody here will chime in who knows im sure and i'll be interested as well.Good Luck.
You have to count the flashes to get the code ..
Alright after you get the code how do you go about fixing it.
sounds to me ur angle sensor on the front of the block is going out.. mine is goin out again for the second time on the foreman. bout 40 bucks u will b back in going again.
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