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ES or S?

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I just wanted to get some feedback about what everyone likes/dislikes about the ES. I'm trying to decide if its really worth it to have the ES. Has anyone had problems with the electronics or the overall reliability of the electric shift program. I am a firm believer in Hondas reliabilty but If there isnt that much of an advantage of having it then I just soon to do without. What are your thoughts? Would you go with the S or ES? I would be using it haul supplies to our cabin and access fishing spots in AK. Thanks
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I like my ES, makes it easy for the wife to ride, complete floor board, but the 05 has that on the s also. I don't wear wadders or ever plan on going mudding so I like that I can put my feet up and shift or ride all over kneeling on the seat. My wife flipped our 04 end for end into a muddy pond and the ES was covered with mudd put it had no problems at all. But I will probably pull it apart this summer and clean it out and pack it with electrical grease. Also check the old post there has been many descusions about the S vs the ES

Good luck with the choice and welcome to the site
I like the S, its all about personel preference for sure. I just find it a lot more fun to shift with the foot, plus you can rev it up and dump it in gear, not good for the trans though.
ES, you can shift w/ you feet out of the water. And its easier if you wear heavy boots.
Automatic lol
i would say es
I like the ES....don't have to get my feet muddy or wet!!! Also, no fear if it goes out on ya because there is a lever in the "trunk" you can hook to the bike to manually shift it!!! The only time I have any trouble with it is when my bike gets real just acts like it doesn't wanna shift but that doesn't happen too often. So I would definitely go w/ the ES!!
However, if you are holding a "beverage", it would be easier to shift w/ your foot instead of your thumb!!!

Go old school
QUOTE ("deadmullet":1b9fgz5m)

Go old school
Boots will keep your feet dry anyways!
I just noticed your in Alaska too, I bet you definatley want to keep you feet dry and out of the water.
Thanks for all the feedback. I am going to keep it old school and go with the S. Unless I come across a smokin deal on a ES. I've been shifting with my foot for the last 15 years on the 'ol 250 and figure I've only been in a hand full of occasions where the ability to shift with your thumb would come in handy. Let you know how it goes. thanks again.
well the price diffrenece between the 2 should only be $200
Once you go ES ya never go back.
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