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ES or foot shift?

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I am wondering if Honda has done anything to improve the durability of the electric shift system. I have an 00' TRX 350 (Rancher) ES. It has lived a life of abuse but the ES has been less than bullet proof. I lost my reverse and found out it was a lose wire on the lower rear part of the engine. Not the best place IMHO for a light gauge wire. The up shifting is tempermental as well at times. I really like the way it works when it works but my question is have hey imporved the reliability of this system?
Also are the foot shifters stiff on the Forman? I am looking at a 500.
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No problems with my 05 so far.
I had some problems with mine but it was my fault because I got water in the connections, once I cleaned them out and filled them with dielectric grease I have not had anymore problems.
I have an 02 rancher with es and have had many problems all of it being electrical. nothing worse then driving in a whole and having no reverse. these problems are my own really. I put no grease on nothing. I can tell you with manual its gonna shift. I like es but dont like the extra problems.
where exactly is the connection that you have to put the die electric grease on I need to do mine before problems 06 500 foreman es
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