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ES control "blob"

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my es controls have a cracked piece of plastic missing
is it possible to buy a new one of those that go on the handlebars?
is there a item number to them?
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whats broken? a up/down button?
what size/year rancher? 2000-2007? 400? 420? 350?

check with your local dealer for the part. did you flip it or what?
oh sorry for lack fo info
its just a piece of plastic on the corner
and its a 350
i think i found the number on service honda and i might order through them
its around 50 bucks
but i wanted to fix this becuase i heard they were sealed? so now im afraid of water getting in
Honda 350es shift prob.

This 4whleer has a new battery, new shift motor, and newangle sincer. It still will not shift into gear not up or down..... What next? theres no water in the conections help???
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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