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es code

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what dose 3 flashes mean on a es recon
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what need to be done to get it shifting again i shifts wiht the emergency shifter but not wiht the es
There are several tests for code #3 .. I can email you the section if you want to test it .. About 90% of the time code #3 is a bad angle sensor ..

What year is your Recon .. There is a product up-date on 2002-04 TRX250TE angle sensors made in Mexico .. If you bought the bike new you should have received a letter from Honda if your bike was in the serial number range .. If you bought it used you may have to phone your dealer to check if your bike is in the serial number range ..
[email protected] is my emailif you could send the test i would appriciate it a lot im not sure what year it is i know its pretty new i do belive it was the year before the body style change its still the older style il ask the girl whos it is what year it is next time i see her
got it thanks
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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