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ES Bypass?

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My electric shift is dead and the dealer tells me I need a couple of parts, electric shift module and a left shift assembly, which are pretty expensive here. I was wondering if I can bypass the electric shift and use the manual one, until I find the parts I need. It's a 2001 Foreman 450 ES. If not, does anyone know where I could find used or new parts at a good price?
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Do you mean an ECU ... I have no idea what a "left shift assembly" is ...
the part list they gave me says switch assy 35020-HNO-A11 and electric shift module 38910-HNO-A11. These are supposed to be the part numbers.
The switch assy is the complete left handle bar switch assy (with the up/down shift buttons) .. The shift module is the ECU ..

The dealer must have did all the tests if it needs a new ECU because there is no actual test for it ..You test everything else and if everything tests good you replace the ECU .. The shift buttons must be bad I guess ,they are easy to test with an ohm meter ..
I considdered this for a while. My foreman had shifting issues when I bought it and tracking them down was annoying. I wanted to ride now and couldnt. So I found a few things out. You Can modify the shift lever from the S model to work. you will also have to trim some plastic. You probably wont like this too long because the angle it will sit in means you gotta lift your whole leg to make it upshift. I ended up makeing my own shift lever with a socket and some scrap metal. If you have a welder this is really easy. I would suggest fixing the shifting problem when you can. It will be a whole lot better in the long run.
i would not reckamend usesing a manuel shifter on the es transmission the es trans shifts alot faster than you can shift it it could have damaging affects the parts you listed you need cost 302.25 from its alot but not as much as replacing the trans would be! Dealer wants 658.00 here. Thanks guys.
they actually costed more than at service honda
service honda is deffinatly the best place to get stock parts
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