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Error codes

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So i happened to be out riding this weekend when the display that shows what gear you are in started blinking 13 times, when i shut the bike complety off and turned it back on it stopped. but did it one more time later that day.

anybody have any idea what that code means? other than "you should keep me out of shoulder deep water and sack deep mud!"?
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That may be the code, just worded differently in the Honda Manuel..Just kidding...Dunno..
Code #13 is TP sensor .. (throttle position sensor) first check & clean the TP coupler on the carb.
ill give it a try thanks!

I did clean the **** out of everything Monday but i will find that coupler and give it some special attention
Same thing happened to me. My dealer told me they would fix it this time under warranty, but if it happened again it would be on my dime. The front desk person said the problem was due to water shorting out the sensor. I was pissed to say the least, because I hadn't been in deep enough water to reach that height. I had to raise **** before they would let me speak with the tech that performed the work. Unlike his fellow employees, he was extremely nice and said not to pay any attention to the front desk. It was his opinion that water had been sealed up during final assembly. He said as long as the water was clean not to worry about the warranty being voided. He also suggested to be careful not to pressure wash directly on that region. It was replaced and still works great. Hope this helps
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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