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Yet another individual with shifting problems lol! (2015 rubicon 500) The bike won't shift into any gear , I don't hear anything trying to engage either. I have the error code 24 blinking; pointing me into the direction of the shift motor. Motor seems fine, cleaned the brushes etc.. havnt jumped it yet to see if it runs on 12v. I will when I get back tomorrow. Anyways I called to get a price & they want 330$... I was told to check the angle sensor before I jump to the conclusion that it's the shift motor. Has any body experienced this code with a bad angle sensor? I have voltage at the motor connector. Not sure what to expect, does anybody have a wiring diagram for this circuit by any chance? I checked fusebox nothing's blown, quite hard to locate the other end in the main connector to the ECU to test for continuity(but again I had a voltage) .Also if I test the angle sensor what should I expect for it to be good/bad?Kinda new to this stuff but handy enough to tinker with it. If anyone has advice or perhaps a diagram with what connector/wire slot it's in would be greatly appreciated.
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