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EPI clutch kit

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Well, I got her in the shop having my clutch kit installed finally. Also having a valve adjustment done the same time. You guys that have the epi clutch kit, how much did it help? Did you do this as a single install, or did you do other mods at the same time? I should have it back by Tuesday.
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I want to know the same thing. I want to get the clutch kit but want to here results first.
i had the clutch kit in my rubicon and i thought it helped me turn big tires alot better, i recomemd this mod if you are lugging around big tires. i instaled mine by its self just to see how much it helped by its self and i was very pleased. it delays the clutch 500 rpm's so if you know how much 500rpm's is you can figure out how much it is going to help. i could turn 27" tires like there was nothing there in 1st gear, this is a really nice mod and you should like it.
I agree with Mad Mudder you need it for the bigger tires. It is almost like nite and day in the difference in performance. I also jetted, filtered and installed the exhaust when I did the clutch.
how much did your shop charge you to install it and the valves adjusted.
I'm wondering the same thing coop!
My honda dealer said it is a 2 to 2.5 hour job. Depends on how much your getting charged an hour. I run 28" laws with the clutch kit and no other power mods and it runs great. I recommend the kit for 28's or bigger but mine pushed 27's without a problem. Clutch kit is a good purchase.
I notice a big dirrerence in the clutch kit. I can put it first gear and tap the gas and it wont move but if I gun it the foreman will launch or break traction. I had a guy on the back of my foreman that weighs 250lbs I weigh 155lbs I put it in first gear hit the gas and the front tires come off the ground. Me and my friend put one in his 350 rancher and he can now pull back hit the gas in second gear and bring the bike up while sitting in the seat. I can do the same also with the Foreman but in first gear.
He said about 150. I haven't gotten the final bill yet, but here the honda dealer don't want to install mods that aren't purchased from them. I got the clutch kit as a christmas gift. It's been sitting in my shed all this time. I haven't convinced myself to add the exhaust just yet. I'm kinda torn with not wanting a loud bike. Although, I have already purchased an FMF jet kit. I haven't installed that yet. I'm sure I'll end up doing them both, but I got to take it in small steps.
if you want performance without the loudness check out Supertrapp pipes. It cost me about $200 to have the clutch kit installed
i had a supertrapp and it fell apart, but i sent it back and supertrapp sent me back a brand new one. i sold it and got a tactor muffler. IMO they are really nice pipes untill they get alot of miles on them and after that they seem like they go down hill but i did have around 3000 miles on my suprtrapp.
If it lasts for 3000 miles it will last me a looooooooonnnnnnnnnnggggggg time. But do the add as much hp as a hmf?
I dont know if it has the same gains as the HMF but they say they do.
I have never had an HMF.
I picked up my bike this evening from the shop. Installing clutch kit, adjusting valves, oil change = $168. I got to back it up on the truck, I haven't even unloaded it yet. lol I'm planning on getting out Sunday and give it a real test.
No way I could wait that long, I would have mine in the ally behind the house seein how she does!!
QUOTE ("BGRDForeman":24e6on2x)
if you want performance without the loudness check out Supertrapp pipes. It cost me about $200 to have the clutch kit installed
How loud was the supertrapp compared to stock? I am looking for a little more performance without the noise of the HMF.
The Supertrapp is louder than stock but not by a lot. It has a good tone without being to loud. Check out their web site, I think they give you a db rating
Thanks for the tip. I did look. Which one were you talking about though? They have the mudslinger, IDSX, and the IDS2 quiet race.
I have the IDSX.
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