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I recently sank my foreman for about 5 Min. I was running synthetic at the time. I had to ride my machine out of the trail, about 1 hour.
I took it home and drained it and flushed it about 4 times. Now when I start it up I hear a very slight knocking noise. I adjusted my valves and still hear it. Am i just hearing the clutch and transmission or a rod knock ???? I am very paranoid.
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Could possibly be the bearings have gone bad? Does it smoke at all?
no. no smoke at all.
my guess would be the bearing then, rod bearing or something, since there is no smoke, otherwise I would say you have a bad wristpin.
I am a licenced auto mechanic (technician) by trade so I know my multi cylinder noises well but I don't know if I am hearing the clutch or something. Do they make any noises at all or are they silent.

The noise isn't that bad and you do have to listen to hear it.
mine did the same thing i changed the piston and wrist pin and the noise went away. Mine would tick a little when idleing and when the motor was slowing down but under full power no noise. Hope this helps. Wes
Thank-you all for your advice.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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