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Engine ticking when it's hot

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I've looked all over this site trying to find some answers. Seen alot of chain & tensioner posts, but I'm not 100% they apply to my particular problem. My valvetrain, particulary in the head ticks, but ONLY after the engine is good & hot. I think it may be overheating, cause I put a manual switch to turn the fan on when I start to hear the noise and it will go away in about 60-90 seconds after I turn the fan on.

Anyone else ever hear of this issue? It doesn't backfire like its running lean or anything, just starts ticking when it gets good & hot. Turn fan on, it goes away.
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Almost forgot. I have already adjusted the vales to spec. & I moved the carb needle up a notch to let more fuel in (just to be safe).
you may have answered your on question. The manual switch is a good backup mod. Does the fan come on at all by itself? if not you may need to look into changing the thermo sensor located on the rear bottom of the engine for the fan to work proper. if it is overheating the cylinder is going to expand giving you the rattle which is not good, the excessive heat will put hot spots on the cylinder and sleeve damaging them beyond repair.
I kinda has a feeling about that. I just couldn't figure for the life of me as to what was actually making the noise. I guess the rest of the evidence will come to light when I fix the head. I'm afraid to check my spark plug since that last time I had it out I noticed the previous owner of my quad wa nice enough to remove all but 2-3 rounds of threads from the spark plug hole.

Anyone out there have a good used head for sale?
The stripped threads in the spark plug hole can be repaired. There is an insert. You run a tap in the hole, screw in the insert and you are good to go. I would remove the head to do this. as for the overheating have you checked the oil cooler for damage or restrictions? Could the noise you hear be preignition? (is it a ratteling kind of noise, or more of a mechanical knock like a valve?)
No outer damage to the oil cooler and it seems to have good flow. One day I thought a good way to check it is to pull that one screw off the top of the head while the engine was running and made a nice mess when it slipped out of my fingers.

Preignition? Could be. But what the heck would cause that?

I think I've heard of those inserts before. What keeps them from moving once they have been installed? I would want something a little better than just threadlock on a piece like that. Plus isn't there a problem with different types of metals in a high heat/ high pressure area like that? I suppose they make them out of alluminum also?

I can't say how much I appreciate this forum, it's an absolute haven for us Foreman owners.
Pre ignition is when the fuel mixture ignites too early (while the piston is still too far from TDC) it can be caused by engine running hot, carbon built up in the cylinder causing hot spots or increased compression, too hot of a spark plug. Lean mixture for whatever reason. low octane fuel.
Basicly the fuel ignites before the spark plug fires.

you often hear it as a ratteling noise in vehicles during acceleration (sounds like valve clatter)
the newer cars with computers, knock sensors etc dont have as much of a problem as the older ones.
Cool. Thanks guys for the info. Very much appreciated.
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