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engine swap

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I've got a 03 rancher 350 and I have a foreman 400 engine that needs a rebuild.

Im trying to figure out what are the differences between the foreman and rancher? Mostly drivetrain differences.

Will the 400 engine drop into the 350? I would have to bore out the 400 cause it got sunk a while ago and I would like to swap it into the rancher but not sure how difficult this may be.

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I'd leave things as is. The 350 will run circles around the 400 stock. Its by far a lighter machine. Just look at the the difference in engine size. 350 is way smaller. If you tried to swap you'll get into clearance issues and driveline problems.
i seen a foreman 450 motor in one and its sweet
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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