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engine smoking after 100miles on rebuild

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i was on a 20 mile trail and my foreman just started to smoke and burn oil under a load or reving it out of gear, idles fine still. i just rebuilt it with honda parts and a web cam 100miles ago i think it maybe over-heated but the oil temp light never came on . its bored over just .010 the smallest you can bore it.

i tore the engine down and the head gasket was great ,and exhaust valve was black and carbon filled, the intake valve was good,the seal on the valves was good still , the valves had some black streaking on the shalf form the guides and didnt look good , the piston looked new and the rings were sharp and shiney, the cylinder was still in spec with the piston O/D. this is worring me i dont want to spend more money on a top end if i have a major problem somewhere else in the motor.
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iff the rings wereburnt before you rebuilt it and u did not bore it out ur cylinder may be scarred causing heat and burningthe rings again...thus it smokes again
what was the reason for rebuilding it the first time, has it ever been sunk?
yeah the bike had been under in muddy water ,not by me . i talked to a few engine builders and they said it must of had mud and grit still in the case and that ate the new parts up. live and learn .....
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