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Engine rebuild

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Who has rebuilt there engine.
What parts did they use and what do you recomend ??
I'll be doing it later this year, rod is noisy and I'm burning oil.
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Robb has. I think he used a 0.050 Honda piston.
I reccomend all Honda parts, they are cheaper then most aftermarket, and are **** good.
But if you are looking for more power, most of the piston companies all make pistons for our machines. Wiseco has off the shelf pistons for sure.
Personally I like to stick to the factory manufactured parts.
What did that do for power and how many more cc's did you get??
i also did a topend rebuild not to long ago on my foreman...i did the honda 75 over piston,all new gaskets,etc. and i also bought a new head and had a local shop do a mild port and polish job on the head for the heck of it....also installed a snorkel and had to re jet when i put it back together and its not a rocket but it definately has more go than a stock motor
I am in the process of rebuilding my wifes 400 foreman now, I am doing a complete rebuild crank, bearings and a top end. I got the Wiseco kit, it was about the same price as a honda piston kit. With me doing it myself, I think I have spent about $500-$600 on parts so far.
Thank-you for the info.

How far can you machine the stock cylinder sleeve ???

Is the High Lifter BIg Bore sleeve any different than the stock one ??
1.00 this is the max bore on a factory cylinder

With the HL Big Bore kit you will have to get the jug machined to fit the new sleeve that comes with the kit.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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