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Engine rattle noise and engine dies when in gear.

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I just bought a 2000 Foreman 450 es and was told the first gear was out. When I picked it up it rattles in Neutral and all gears. It appears that the electronic shift is working, but it tries to go in all gears and dies after about 20 seconds. I have only had it running for about 2 minutes because I don't want to make any problems worse. Rusty water is coming out of the exhaust and the rattle sounds like it is coming from the right side of the engine by my foot. I don't know much about repairing quads, but it sounds like a pulley might be loose and is keeping the quad from going or staying in gear. The motor seems to have power until it dies and some gas leaked out of the drain tube the second time I started it. The original owner said he has had it in water before up to the seat, so I'm wondering if water got into the engine and is causing the problem. Any suggestions?
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Just opened up the muffler drain plug and about a quarter of a cup of water drained out. The guy said it hasn't been used in about 3 months. Hope that helps. I am looking forward to working on this bike, but I want to make sure I repair the right things. I'm starting to think I have water/mud problems in the engine. I have the repair manual and am ready to tear it apart, but I would love some advice if you have it. The right front tire is worn about two times more than the left (sitting on the quad), but I will tackle that later. Stay tuned....
might be a timing chain issue, not sure, i just rebuilt my motor and the guy had to scrap mud out of the bottom of the motor with a screw driver before he could even use gas to clean it, he showed me my timing chain and it was all kinked up and stuff...but i also didnt have a top ring on my piston when he got it

I drained the oil and replaced the filter. The oil looked brown/black like usual when it is ready to be changed and the filter didn't have any metal particles, so could this just be a case of a clutch issue that is causing it to slip out of gear and the metal grinding noise is a tension/adjustment something????
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