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Engine out .....What should I check?

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Finally got time to pull the engine to repair the frame. Ideal time to seal the pull start and free up the clutch adjuster. I'll install the 424 on re-assembly.

Is there anything I should check or have a mech check while the engine is out?
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inspect your clutches and timing chain. is your one-way bearing working proper?
How can I tell if the one way bearing is working right?
The oneway bearings acts as a engine brake. when it starts wearing the bike will start freewheeling when in gear and going down hill like it's in neutural. Also when you shut the bike off you can hear it winding down and it usually hits hard when it stops. when these start it time to change it out and its not a cheap part, around $100
It worked fine. None of the symptoms you described. Got the clutch adj freed up and sealed the pull start. Couldn't see any obvious problems with the timing chain. Found one oil cooler line was weeping oil so I replaced it with a piece of hydraulic hose. Dealer wanted $80.00 for a new hose. Cooler was almost totally blocked. Also found crack in the head pipe... probably causing the backfiring when I let off the gas. Surprising what you find when you tear down the bike.

Thanks for the advice. I'll let you know when it's back on ....or should I say off the road.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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