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Engine oil lamp and shifting gear

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I got two problems...Can you help me ?
First, sometimes, the engine oil lamp is on, even when I just started the whealer. Sometimes it comes...sometimes it goes...

Also, sometime on the panel, I see (----) and I cannot shift in any that an angle sensor problem or something else? What should I do?
Thank you!
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did the bike go under water? Mine did the same thing after going under water.
You will first have to clean & put dielectric grease on the couplers for the left handle switch "up/down" buttons ..(that's under the fuel tank on the right side) ,the shift motor (that's on the frame rail upright) ,angle sensor .. And it wouldn't hurt cleaning & greasing any other coupler you see ..

Here are 2 PDF files from the 1998-04 TRX450FE Honda shop manual ..

this is section #20 lights,meters,switches (there are tests for the oil light ..

Download File

this is section #21 electric shift program..

Download File
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Thank You ! I'M going to read all that and try tro fix the problems.

And no, crazyfun, my machine did not go under water. Thanks !
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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