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I have a 02 TRX350FM Fourtrax 350 4X4
Engine just stopped while in idling mode. No noise or sounds of any engine problems.This is what i have checked
Fuel level Full. (New good quality Gas)
Checked to make sure fuel tank off/on and reserve valve was operational. All working just fine.
Removed air cleaner made sure plenty of gas was getting to carburetor. (No issues found)
Pulled spark plug confirmed we had plenty of spark when turning over with starter.
Made sure ignition switch was working. ( No issues as i could turn key off and no spark. Turned key on and start switch noted plenty of spark.
Checked all fuses in fuse box behind battery. all ok
All dash lights and neutral safety switch working.OK
Injected small amount of gas direct into the cylinder, installed spark plug and attempted to start. engine turns over just fine but will not start.
Pulled carburetor and checked for any stopped up jets or dirt. carb clean and nothing appeared to be stopped up.
No buildup of trash or sediment in carburetor bowl. All clean.

Am i smelling some kind of timing chain issue??????
don't know what else to start checking
PS: what does the FM stand for as my unit model number is TRX350FM Fourtrex 350 4X4

Can anyone help?????
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