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I bought a 2001 TRX500 Rubicon a few weeks back and it was in rough shape. No air box literally just the carb and no filter whatsoever. Brakes didn't work. I fixed the front brakes and changed all the fluids. I had to use q-tips to get the master cylinder clean it had like little sand beads accumulated around the sides. The reason I bought this 4 wheeler is because it was a great price almost a steal. The engine starts up no problem idles nice runs/shifts with no issues doesn't burn oil. But I don't like the thought of running any engine without an air filter. So I got a filter box off ebay along with the metal filter and a foam filter. I installed everything but the snorkel resonator and now I am experiencing bogging down? or running rough at a cruising speed. It's like half throttle and it just kinda chugs along not wanting to go. But it will idle fine and even at full throttle it runs great. My only thought is it's not getting enough air now? Also, I included pictures of the top of the carb. There are a bunch of loose hoses. The service manual doesn't mention what they are or where they go.


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