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Elka Suspension

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I am thinking about getting a set of shocks for my Foreman. Does anyone have these? If you do, can you give me a price quote that you paid for yours?
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I thought about it and that was a bad idea. I would have better luck selling my Foreman and getting a new one for the price of those shocks!!
i am shocked (no pun intended) that no one is running them on their foreman.
I had a 2" lift on the front and back. I took it off of the back because of a mechanic said I should. I also used to haul alot of weight on the front end and I think my shocks are worn out. When I turn or hit some bumps my 27" swamp lites rub. I heard that there are some shocks that will stop this and will actually pick it up a little bit. What do you all recommend?
HL lift springs of progressive 512s are a fairly cheap way to take care of that that or put your lift back on
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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