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Electronic Shift Problems

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Hey Guys I'm a new Foreman owner and new to your the site but I can't seem to find much info on the ES system. My machine WAS running perfect, shifting flawlessly - I've had it about 2mos and use it at least 3 times a week. Tonight I was goin through some water and mud - not too deep, 'bout up to the top of the tires. Then coming out of a mudhole the machine stuck in gear and I had to drive back to the truck in 3rd gear. I came home and read a bit about the manual shift stuff. I put a 12mm wrench and discovered that the display only registers in R, N, 1st, and 5th. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th just show " -- " and the shift buttons don't work at all, in any position. I'm a pretty capable home -AUTO- mechanic, but I don't know where to start when it comes to these machines. I've read about "angle sensors" and "gear sensors", but I don't know where these things are or what they look like - any pics? Could these be the problems?

Any help would be much appreciated guys...
Thanks in advance,

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not to diminish the knowledge of the folks here but try searching and asking around on the high lifter site....
On 1998-01 TRX450 models the gear position switch only monitored R,N,1,5 ..2,3,4 were controlled by the ECM ..
QUOTE ("wvforeman":jeo6pz94)
not to diminish the knowledge of the folks here but try searching and asking around on the high lifter site....
Lets make the guy feel allittle more welcome shall we His first post and you tell him to go to the HL site . There is competent people on this site too ya know...

To the OP: Welcome to the site, there is lots of knowlege and info to be found here, if you dont run to HL now . If you cant find it thru the search then just ask away and one of us will surely point you in the right direction.
Well lets just try here

When you shut the machine off and turn it back on does anything on the display flash, 4x4 light or the dashes.

Also try just disconnecting the battery and hooking it back up.

I believe that when you shift it with the wrench that disables the buttons.

If I had to guess I would say you have mud or water in some connection.
what does the angle sensor control?
I didnt mean to run him off and thought I could help out in a way since I havent had any experience with it...Sorry if it sounded like I meant that there were no knowledgable people here... From now on I wont post if I cant help...
I am not totally sure, I think it is the gear selector switch.

Looking at the test and replacement it has a big note that says:
The gear position switch on ES models has contacts for neutral, reverse and only forward gears first and fifth.

My guess would be that you are only making contact on the two pins in the angle sensor. I would check the connection on the sensor and try putting dielectric grease in the connection. The sensor is at the bottom of the motor.

The easiest way to get at it is to take off the skid plate and the sensor is located by the shift motor little silver cup thing that sticks out in front of the motor.

I would also suggest getting a manual they help out alot and dielectric grease every connection you can find.
Thanks for all your help guys, I went out to start putting di-electric grease in everything and put the key in...all was good...I took it out tonight and had no problems at all. I think I'll do the di-electric anyways this coming week. I'm a happy machine fixed itself
Glad it fixed itself, I had a similar problem went into some mud and my 4x4 stopped working. I would suggest finding as many connections you can and also putting dielectric grease in the gearshift box on the handle bars
The angle sensor is probably the culprit. it is located in the front of the engine on the left side, low. I would suggest cleaning the connections really well and putting dielectric grease in the plug. Other wise any time it gets wet it may give you problems. I put dielectric greas in every plug I can find on mine. I have not had any trouble with it yet.

I also suggest getting the Factory Shop manual. It costs a little bit more, but is well worth the money. Especially since you are a mechanic and can appreciate good wireing diagrams and complete accurate information.
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