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Electronic Shift Problem

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I am having problems with my 06 500 with the ES. Today without warning it got stuck in Nuetral. I would cut it off and back on with no change. It would blink 5 times....I had to go get a trailer...hauled it home..Rolled it off the trailor and it started working again. If this continues I will get rid of it....Any thoughts?
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I know how you feel.....I've been there with my wife's Recon.It's probably the angle sensor.It's easy to replace yourself and costs about $40.00 .I've replaced the Angle sensor on that Recon 3 times.It's been o.k. for sometime now.
Junkie Green Thing that is what is wrong with it you should of bought a YELLOW Foreman. Stinkin Free loader wanting a ride home LOL

Does anyone know how to find out the trouble codes or have a list/Chart of them?
I found it...Code #5 is "front final clutch system" .. There are several tests for this error code .. I bet i need to get the cluthc adjusted...Prob just a scre to turn....I just bought it in Dec 06...Still under warranty..
Adjusting the clutch is really simple, look it up in your owner's manual. Takes you five minutes and saves you a trip to the shop.
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