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electrical issue

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i have an issue when i ride in fairly deep water, everything is fine until someone rides by and makes a wave....then my bike dies out...i can just start it back up with no problems. but i can't figure out why it does that.

anyone got any's annoying...
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fill the spark plug boot with dielectric grease. Also a good idea to grease all electrical connections too!
like what?

i had to replace the yellow part on the end of it a while back.

you think it may be getting wet?? even though it will start right back up?
its worth a try, even if it doesnt happen to work at all

hey cra5h have you ridden at Pat's ATV Ranch yet? i noticed a post on highlifter site and wondered if it was any good, i am not big on all mud or all trail or all water riding, i just like riding, a few places around here i have been finding just havent had time to go to any of them...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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