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electric shift issues

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I just recently purchased an 2007 foreman es and I'm already having issues with the electric shift. Just wondering if anyone knows the error codes. My shift indicator is blinking 6 times and I am unable to shift. I just got internet at my new place so you should see some pics soon. I have 26 mudzillas on ITP type 7 rims. Much better machine than my arcticcat 400i.
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Code #6 is "ECM -fail safe relay curcuit" That's not a good code to get ... Is the bike under warranty ..?
Sorry about your luck but "That's not a good code to get", is absolutely hilarious......
Oh by the way my submarine/Foreman hasn't had any ES problems. I needed to adjust my clutch but after that she has been like buttah.
So is this a bad code or good code? The bike is still under warrenty but I am heading out to the tug hill 4 wheeler rally this weekend and was hoping for a easy fix. If i toggle the key switch fast a couple times it seems to make the es work. I will go with that untill next week, then I will take it in to honda and let them deal with it.
QUOTE ("Eric":3oywgzhw)
I needed to adjust my clutch but after that she has been like buttah.
Can you please elaborate a little on this subject? What made you feel it needed to be done and how is it done? I have seen it mentioned but have never done it myself.

You can PM me this info if you like, but I am sure others may be interested also.

Thanks in advance,

Well there are only a couple of tests for #6 ..1 is to initialize the control unit by cycling the key on/off/on ... 2 is to try another known good control/change unit (ECM) on the bike... Which is probably what is needed they cost $398.73 CDN ..
look in your honda manual in the rear tool box and look in the index for clutch adjustment.

and as far as your ECM problem i think this is what you need according to HM:

30410-HP0-A11 001 $175.54

but you are better off just taking it to the dealership since its still under warrenty
QUOTE ("JWJR":3mo7wsb4)
look in your honda manual in the rear tool box and look in the index for clutch adjustment.
Cool thanks! I hadn't read that far yet.... I just found it on page 136.

Thanks again!
me or my dad nether have even begain reading the manual but it we have a problem with the bike we always check to see if there is anything in the manual
Thanks for the help. As long as it makes it through the weekend I will be happy. Heading out at 4am to Tug Hill, NY, hoping to have a great time. Entered in the mud run, hopefully the zillas will pull through. Gonna bring it to the dealership this coming week to get checked out.
first off i would clean everybit of mud off before you take it to the dealer or they might tell you the bikes been though mud which voids warrenty to most dealers. also did you buy your bike with them zillas on it or does you dealer allow upto 26 inch tires if niether apply to you i would put your stocks on cuz most dealers also hate oversized tires.
The dealership says I can have up to 26" tires without voiding the warrenty so I'm gonna clean it up with the pressure washer real good and bring it back.
sounds like you will be good to go
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