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Electric fan question

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First of all this is a great site! very informative....I have a 2005 Foreman ES and last Saturday I rode it 52 miles on trails here in Washington, it was cool outside and we were moving along at a pretty good pace at times, lots of water on the trail and shallow mud holes but my fan never came on all day long...this seems unusual to me, my oil temp light never came on either but normally the fan comes on at some point during the there anyway I can make it come on or a way to test to see if it is functioning properly? I know I could short out the fan and make it work but this only proves that the actual fan itself works and not the whole system???any ideas?
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Hello Fish, and a big welcome.
I had to ride my 06 foreman hard to get the fan to kick on today, its an even 100 deg F out here now, was on flat ground for about 15 minutes.

It sometime does not run much, but if I get pulling some good long grades/ Hills it usually comes on.

My wife has an 06 Rancher ES ( 2 wheel drive) I have never ever had it kick on... not even one time.
We only have 135 ,miles on it now, she has not rode it since it really got hot outside. I am planning a good strenuous ride soon on hers in the heat to see if it we can get the fan to kick on,
warranty has expired so I am hoping its good to go.
You can always install a manual over ride switch and turn it on and off yourself.You can rig it so the cpu can still turn it on even with the switch installed. I'm yet to have the one on my 400 turn on by itself.
Fan Question

Thanks for the response, I let it sit and idle today and after 45 minutes it finally kicked on so now I know it works!
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