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Ele. Shift Problem

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I have a 98 foreman ES. The problem seems to be--after pressing the shift button it seems to be taking to long to go into gear, up or down,--not snappy at all. Its slow enough to make the engine seem like it is the clutch slipping but its not. I have read the problems posted in this forum but nothing similar to this. Can anyone please help ???? Thanks !
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If the clutch has been adjusted and didn't help then it sounds like a lazy shift control motor ..I'd dis-assemble the shift control motor and clean it .. They are small and not the easiest thing to work on and a second set of hands is handy when putting the stator back into the end cap (with brushes) .. Honda doesn't sell parts for the shift control motor but brushes are available thru most shops that work on electric motors ..

Here are some pictures on cleaning the shift control motor..
This motor pictured isn't any good water damaged it..

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When replacing the shift motor,do you just bolt on the new one or does it have to "timed" in a certain position?
You just install a new one on... No timing needed .. On the TRX400FA/FGA & TRX500FA/FGA the ECM must be initialized ... But on TRX350/450/500FE models just bolt on a new one ..
Honda Mechanic, That is good information there. Ive fixed lots of DC motors, and that is advance knowledge i will use in the future. Pictures are worth a 1000 words. Thanks for what you do.
Well there was text but I couldn't find it and I may look again ..

Like cleaning the commutator bars with crocus cloth (or fine sandpaper like #600 or finer)
I agree with the crocus cloth and cleaning the comutator. Shine-ur up. A little grease on the bushings. The motor in the pictures looks like it had a little water intrusion.
i have the same problem on my bike. i put a new shift motor on it and it is not any better. it seems like it is laking on power. real lazy and not going into gear. i replaced the angle sensor, shift motor and the battery and nothing, same problem. my lights have been acting up also =, so i am going th check the cahrging system next, if you turn the lights on with mine, the shifting problem gets worse. if you have any sugestions let me know. oh and by the way mine is a 1998 450 es also!
probably need a new battery. i dont have an es but what youre describing is a low battery problem.
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