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You should deffinately be able to out run a stock foreman with those mods. I know I can, and I have 27" tires. Not sure where the A/F screw is on a 500 as on the 450 its on the side of the carb with no cap, just a recessed screw. If the plug is black you are deffinately running rich, however you say its not a new plug, put a new plug in and bring it for a nice 5th gear run and after about a football feilds length run in 5th, reach over and hit the kill switch without letting off the gas. Pull the plug and check the color, that will give you the correct reading if rich or lean. THIS SITE will give you a good exploded view of the carb, so you can set it right yourself after you figure out if youre lean or rich.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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