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effects of adding HMF performance kit..

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i'm not knocking the HMF pipe, jet kit, or K&N air filter i just had installed on my foreman..but i can't tell any difference at all..i raced another foreman today that was stock and he beat me by about a half of length..where are the extra gains at??. shouldn't i be able to out run a stock foreman..?? he did all of the air-fuel mixture test and the plug is running perfect..also i'm useing a 170 far the only thing i can tell is i have worse fuel mileage..if i've done something wrong please let me know..i got a little shut-up juice today after the foreman out ran mine..what kind of gains should i be getting..??should i be able to outrun another foreman..??also while racing today..i was trying to go from 4th to 5th..and accidently down shifted to 3rd with the rpm's pretty high..we didn't count that race..but do ya think i damaged the engine..?? seems to be running fine, but it was a pretty hard down shift..
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so now i'm thinking the shop didn't even adjust the air mixture it on the bottom front of the carb and will it have a factory cap on it.?? if so the factory cap is still on it and the air fuel mixture hasn't been set and i'm running way rich..please let me know if this is the air mixture screw..i''m kinda freaking here..

if he didn't remove the factory cap on the mixture screw..would i be running rich or lean..i checked my plug and it's black..but it's not a new plug so i'm not sure..what do you use to remove the cap on the mixture screw..??

You should deffinately be able to out run a stock foreman with those mods. I know I can, and I have 27" tires. Not sure where the A/F screw is on a 500 as on the 450 its on the side of the carb with no cap, just a recessed screw. If the plug is black you are deffinately running rich, however you say its not a new plug, put a new plug in and bring it for a nice 5th gear run and after about a football feilds length run in 5th, reach over and hit the kill switch without letting off the gas. Pull the plug and check the color, that will give you the correct reading if rich or lean. THIS SITE will give you a good exploded view of the carb, so you can set it right yourself after you figure out if youre lean or rich. it's fixed..the air mixture was way off..only turned out 1.5 turns..turned it out 2 3/4 turns and she took off..also the air-fuel mixture screw is not a's a epa fitting that you can't get a tool to fit..but a pair of tweezers worked great..
I'll be adding the same set up as when all the parts get here, does the carb have to come completely out to install the jets and and to adjust the A|F screw? Looking at the schematic I would think so. Dyno Jets instructions are a little vague for the 1st timmer.
i took mine wasn't that bad..if i would have know that before i would have never carried it to a shop to do the first time..i know i left the throttle cable on and some wire on the bottom and i didn't have any problems working on's a good project to help ya get familiar with your foreman..
Will I have to remove the air box house assby to be able to pull the carb out?
no..just unscrew the clamps..push the carb forward a little..take the rear short tube off first then the carb will come'll take a little working..but it'll come out...

Please ask some more questions so I can look at your avatar some more.

I don't get out much . . .
hoping to get this same set up for my rubi does it also have the epa type air screw
sorry..misread your question..fixed it in my next post..
Installed my jet kit and HMF today, you were right the stock muffler is tough to get off, all in all not a bad project.
Now that you guys have this figured out how much more poop does your foremans have in there britches? I want to do what you all have done but I don't want my foreman to be loud. Is there a way around it?
hoping to get this same set up for my rubi does it also have the epa type air screw
i misread your question..i would say yes just guessing..but i was under the impression that only the 05's and 06'es had them..the best way to tell is to get a small mirror and a flash light and look under the front of the'll see a small round fitting with a flat side in a nipple that sticks down out of the carb..i thought mine was fixed but i'm still having trouble with my settings..i'm thinking about going to a smaller jet..mine runs fine up to 4th and 5th gears then i lose all power..if i can't get it fixed by this weekend..i'll have to carry it 45 miles to the nearest Honda dealership and see what they think is going on..

I want to do what you all have done but I don't want my foreman to be loud. Is there a way around it?
yes..order the quite core for a extra 20.00
Sweet you don't even know how happy that makes me!
yes it does have more power on the bottom end. top end about the same.

mine runs fine in 4th and 5th no cutting out or idel issues. very pleased so far.
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