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edls or outlaws

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which tire is a better tire the outlaw or edl trien to decide between the two
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outlaw by far
outlaws are best in mudholes with no bottoms, they will paddle you through most holes and edls work best in a hole that has a bottom and climb very well, believe me they will dig down to find it. both tires are great, depending on your type of terrain will depend on the type of tire you choose.
Edls are an awesome tire for the front of your bike i love them but the outlaws are awesome tires too i wouldnt recommend edls on the back of your bike though i think that they dig to much i think edls on the front and outlaws on the back would be an awesome setup but also in regular mud the edls do okay but in swampy water mud they are the best
i would go with outlaws. I have heard that the edl dig really quick especially if your heavy on the throttle
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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