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ecm initialization

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ECM (computer) must be re-initialized if the ecm or throttle position sensor are replaced.

procedure for calibration of 650 as follows

stop running vehicle and shift to neutral (N on dash)

stop engine

turn ign switch on while holding up and down buttons down at the same time. N on dash should blink

within 5 seconds, push shift buttons up,down,up. Dash should read ---

within 5 seconds,move throttle from full closed to full wide open and back

Dash should read N when completed
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Should this be done if the carb sensor was unplugged or just replacement.
I'm pretty sure tps removed and repositioned , or replaced only would need a re-initialization. I'm sure hooking and unhooking an electrical connector should not make a difference to how the ecm reads the sensor.
Thats good, because my rinny runs like a bat outa ****. It pulls the front wheels everytime I hit it. No help needed. Gotta love a big bore.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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