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ebay lift kit

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i am looking at buying one of those stainless lift kits off ebay and was wondering if anybody has or ahd one or know anything about these? pics? any info?
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I say go for it. They look nice, can't beat stainless steel
Dano bought one, He said it was done pretty well. He had a problem w/ the rear drive shaft popping out. I am not sure if he remedied the problem 100% or found out the true cause. Whether it was the lift or "rriding style". He does not have it on right now, and is going to try to get it into the dealership to be looked at.
I don't know trugrit. I ride mine real real hard also. and haven't had any trouble with my driveshaft.
Dano goes around pulling out trucks on 38's, I have never seen any body that hard on a fourwheeler.
Ha! He pulled an ol Chevy (yes a Chevy) out at Suburban, with his while we were waiting to get his truck pulled out.

I believe you now. that is hard on ANY ATV> DANG
I bought one of these from Mudlift and have had no trouble out of mine. I ride pretty hard, good amount of mud and some trail.. It took me about 1.5 hours to install by myself with hand tools.
hey Farudan, do you got any pics of your machine? cuz i got 26" mudlites on type 5's and was wondering if it looks too high and too small of tires or does it look pretty proportioned?
I posted a couple in the snorkle topic. I'll try to take a couple more this week and post them, provided we don't float off here in GA. I thought I was going to have the Foreman to work this morning. 3 out of 4 bridges were underwater this a.m.
Sorry for the delay in posting these.. I had to find that dang USB cable for the camera
got my lift on!

well i put on the lift today and it looks bad azz! not the greatest idea when its 94 degress out the kit was well constructed, but the thing that really pissed me off was the directions , its a good thing i am mechanically inclined otherwise i would have just thrown it away, no joke!! there was a total of 3 pieces of paper, half of that was crappy black and white pictures. now i really was impressed with the quality of the kit and the price, 85 bucks shipped. i will throw up some pics of the finished product tomorrow and if anybody needs help or ??'s about the lift, let me know, i can throw up some pics on how and where the brackets attach, i would reccommend the kit to anybody, if ya know whtat you're doing
I know it's been a while since your post, but I now have professionally printed instructions. Sorry about the crappy ones that I sent you.
Hey I have read this whole forum about the ebay lift kits. That is the one I was going to buy for mine when I got the 27's. Mine is not rubbing but is close in the back and it hits the fender brackets in front sometimes. How much more ground clearance will I get with the lift. Also I am worried about the excess wear on the cv joint. Any help appreciated.
You will get on average 1 3/4" of lift, about like all the rest. I have over 1000 miles on one of my foremans & have not seen any problems yet. I'm not saying that it does not cause wear, because it probly does cause it in the long run. Most lift mfgs. will tell you this, including me. The main thing is the way you ride. If you abuse your bike, something, someday will break. Reguardless of any mods. you have made. Hope this helps.
lift kit

well, my lift was been on for about 7 months now. i am running 26" mudlights with it and i can say that she has been through **** and highwater, with no problems whatsoever, so with that said i would recommend the kit anybody looking for a good priced lift that wont ever rust thanks MUDLIFT
I just put my lift on my bike today. I was pretty easy. The instructions are better with helpful pic. Great kit, I was one 3/8 nut short but that was no big deal. One thing the directions do not mention and it may have just been my bike. On the right rear where the fatory bolt has to come out of the axle, it was kind of tricky to get out. May help someone else.
Thanks mudlift
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