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Ebay Lift Kit Help

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I bought a 2" lift kit off of ebay and am having a bitch of a time installing it. The RF piece did not line up correctly and I had to make the hole that goes over the RR bushing a bit larger to fit.

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I finally the front pieces are on, but does anyone have any suggestions on how to install the rear pieces? I completely took off the RR shock and installed the top of the shock and lift bracket. Now the bottom of the shock is dangling down and I can push up the body high or long enough to set it into place.

I need to get this sucker installed before Thursday as some friends and I will be hitting up the dunes.

Am I going about this wrong? Would removing the LR shock at the same time make it easier?

Any tricks, tips and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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i don't have the same lift as you. when i did mine a jacked up the rear end and then put a chain from the rack to a tree branch. then slowly lowered the jack down letting the branch and rack support the bike. took the jack and put pressure under the rear end and undid both of my shocks. lowered the jack a little, so i could put the brackets on.

hope you can understand that. just ask if you can't
remove the other shock and use a jack under the skid plate to hold up the body the other shock is fully extended and wiht hte lift you trying to extend it more hten it can go pul the other shick an the swing arm will drop then lower the body till the holes like up and bolt them in
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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