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East Texas Ride

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On April 22 & 23 we went to my home town to ride. We had such a relaxing ride. We just rode some good ol' country dirt roads. Sometimes it is just nice to not mud, ride in water & other stuff. We just left from the farm & went down some dusty dirt roads listening to some good ol' country tunes from my jukebox on the rear of my Foreman.
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Nice pics. I dont think there is any dirt roads in orlando anymore. And if there was we wouldnt be able to go ridinig on them .
Yeah down here if we got that close to the highway they would giv us a ticket, it is getting rediculous. Looks like yall had a good time.
Actually, we didn't ride on the side of the highway that much. Just to cross the road to get to another dirt road & to go eat lunch. I guess we have it pretty good down here from what I here ya'll go through.
Here is some more.
When are you going to buy your little girl her own bike?
QUOTE ("truegrit":sgpa36x5)
When are you going to buy your little girl her own bike?
Whenever she starts acting like she deserves one. She is 6 & will be 7 in October & acts like she is 2. Whines & cries about everything. I got her a kitty cat last Thursday & she has already been grounded from the cat. I will probably get her one in another year or two.
Here is the kitty cat that I got her. Poor thing is constantly tortured by her & Jack (our son).
Hey, come to Florida you can pick up my wife's cat. Forget that give me your address, I'll UPS it.
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