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Eagle 1 Etching Wheel Cleaner??

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Got a bottle of this stuff, but I`m hesitant to spray it on my rancher engine and diff`s without asking someone who uses it for cleaning.
What should I keep it off of?? Plastic of course. Will it hurt the painted frame and steel fasteners?? Is there something better to use??
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Be careful of etching chemicles, some if not most contain acid. The acid can destroy a painted finish and corrode your electrical components. This stuff needs rinsed off immediately with water after applied.
if used spray it off immediately. don't get it on the plastic either. But it will do a wonderful job on your diffs and such. Just don't get it on anything else
Seriously.... Wash it off your motor fast or you will have a blackish purple looking motor. I haven't done it, but have herd about what it can do. What I do is clean a small area of the motor at a time. Spray it on and let it sit for 30 secs and wash it off good with water. Make sure your not near your wifes flower bed.
QUOTE ("H4zY":2s5fcmzs)
...Make sure your not near your wifes flower bed.
did some one make a mistake the first time?
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