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e-bay lift kits

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If anybody runs or ran that stainless steel mudjacker lift kit off e-bay I would like to hear how it performs. I have it but want to know if would cause grief down the road.

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I have the one mudlift sold on ebay. It works well and didn't cause any issues that I know of yet It didn't cause any stability issues when trail riding and made the bike look really good. It kinda made the 26's look too small so I took it off last month.
ebay lift

i got one of those stainless lifts off ebay last year, never a problem and abused the **** outta of working plowing tugging trees mudding not an ounce of trouble and its stainless instructions sucked when i got mine, but he has all new ones made, i'd recommend it
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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