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DynoJet w/o Pipe?

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Just received my jet kit, air filter, and clutch kit. It will be another 2-3 weeks before my HMF pipe arrives, hopefully. Here's the question I asked two different Honda dealers. Can I install what I have without my pipe? Also, I will be riding in WV in two weeks for their annual pig pickin at the Wagon Wheel. One dealer said that it would be fine, I can add the pipe when I get it, and the other said don't do it. Any opinions?

I also just added the Perfex long suspension kit this week. I haven't got to ride it yet, but I like the extra clearance and the look, time for some bigger tires now!
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only thing if you add the jet is it will run rich thats all wont hurt anyhting
I would wait until you get all of the correct pieces. No reason to jet the bike now then go back and adjust everything again with the pipe. Plus your plug would probably be foule dby then.
it takes an aeful lot of fuel to foul the plug out. but i dont think it will run that rich but why not wait and just do it all together.
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