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Dynojet Kit with Stock Air Filter

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i want to add the Kit without changing the stock air filter. has anyone tried this and what results can be expected?? will it make enough difference that will you notice?? or just leave it stock.
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just curious..why would you not want to change your air filter..?? they are pretty inexpensive and will only aid in your increased if you go to a bigger jet you may want to look into a exhaust that will allow more air flow..most of the guys i ride with that have only jetted don't really notice much of a gain and usually end up adding a after market exhauste..
i might add exhaust later but do not want the extra noise. any suggestions? i am not a fan of the K+n air filters. alot of dirt and dust gets by them. we ride alot of gravel as well as mud water and snow.
when i ordered my HMF exhaust.. it came with a K&N filter and a pre filter..the prefilter wraps around the K&N and keeps any small dust and such from getting through..i know of many people running the K&N with the pre filter for years without any for as not having the noise if you order the HMF pipe also ask for the quite core..only 20.00 more and almost as quite as your stock pipe,.,
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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